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Born: Hampshire Co, Virginia, date unknown

Died: After Aug 10, 1814 date his will probated (if before 1821 that would be in Knox Co, Indiana)

Burial: Grandview Cemetery, Bloomfield, Indiana.

Service: Captain in Virginia Company from Hampshire Virginia.

Proof: Eckenrodde (1912), page 465 and (1913) pages 219-220;

Gwathney, "Virginia in the Revolution" page 818.

Exec. Journal of Indiana Territory Papers Vol 7 page 502 and others.


Newton Edwards: eldest son

Sally Edwards: married a Fairhurst or Johnson

Juliet: married _________GILES

Jenny: marreid Daniel WHITMORE

Indiana: married George RUBLE

John Wesley: married Eliza FOSTER

Information gathered by Mrs S G Davenport (deceased) and the Waters Supplement page 153


Abel Westfall (l754-l8l4) was the "eldest" and was a Captain of the Sixth Company, 8th Virginia Regiment. Colonel Abraham Bowman was in command of the 8th Virginia Regiment. *Captain Abel Westfall saw service at Valley Forge in l777-l778. He was married to Rachel Edwards and they had several children. Abel Westfall was a resident of Ross Co., Ohio and founded a town with the name of "Westfall". This town has long since disappeared. After leaving Ross Co., Ohio he went to Knox Co., Indiana where he settled. He made his Last Will and Testament on l6 July l8l4 in Knox Co., Indiana and it was probated on l0 August l8l4. He is buried in the city cemetery in Bloomfield, Green Co., Indiana and a government stone marks his grave. *Note: There is a question whether or not Captain Abel Westfall actually served at Valley Forge in 1777-1778. This needs additional research to find out the facts. There isn't any question that he served in the Revolutionary War but there is a question about his Valley Forge service, if any? This information provided by Walter Burgner

Directions: Bloomfield Cemetery

Photos and directions were providded by Edward Hitchcock of the Daniel Guthrie SAR Chapter Bedford, Indiana.

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