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No pic of the Patriots grave at this time
From what I could get out of this one image it appears to read:

Infant Son of W.A. & E. _ Warthen
Died sometime in the 1840's



Burial: Warthen Cemetery, Grave 1 Lot 6, Ray Township, Morgan County, Indiana.

Service: Private Company S. U.S. Militia


Married: Sarah (Sallie) moved to Indiana before Feb 4, 1831


WILLIAM WARTHEN (1787) - married PHEBE PUCKETT (1788) (b. 1770, )

Milit-Beg* 20 Jun 1812 Company S, Tennessee Militia;
William served under Captian David Smith in the War of 1812. ,
Milit-End* 02 Feb 1815 Company S, Tennessee Militia,,, Tennessee.

Children of William and Phebe PUCKETT WARTHEN:

Daughter: 11 Nov 1818 AMANDA WARTHEN (1224) (b. 1818, d. 1888); Tennessee.
Son: 21 Jan 1820 JOHN ALEXANDER WARTHEN (419) (b. 1820, d. 1883);
Overton, Tennesee; specifics provided by Lori Suchomel.
Son: 20 Jul 1821 IRA SMITH WARTHEN (1546) (b. 1821, d. 1862); Overton, Tennessee

Daughter: cir __ ___ 1824 POLLY ANN WARTHEN (1791) (b. 1824, d. ); Tennessee.

Daughter: cir __ ___ 1827 FRANCES LAURA WARTHEN (268) (b. 1827, d. 1854);
Rowan, North Carolina; birth place stated as Tennessee in study provided by Lori Suchomel.

Daughter: cir __ ___ 1829 PERMELIA WARTHEN (1793) (b. 1829, ); Tennessee.
Census: __ ___ 1830 Morgan, Indiana; listed in the 1830 census:
(1) male, 5-10; (2) males, 10-15; (1) male, 30-40. (2) females, <5> (1) female,
5-10; (1) female, 10-15; (1) female, 30-40.
Total: 4 males, 5 females= 9 people.

Note* __ ___ 1830 Morgan, Indiana; census data on people count up to 1830 not consistant with other data.

Son: 04 Feb 1831 WILLIAM SIMPSON WARTHEN (323) (b. 1831, d. 1913);
Ray Twp., Paragon, Morgan, Indiana; Citation 14 gives complete birth date.

Daughter: 13 Nov 1832 SUSAN JANE WARTHEN (543) (b. 1832, );
Morgan, Indiana; Census indicates birth date as 1834.

Daughter: 13 Nov 1832 PHOEBE PUCKETT WARTHEN (1796) (b. 1832, d. 1899); Morgan, Indiana.

Son: 20 Nov 1834 JAMES J. WARTHEN (546) (b. 1834, d. 1913); Morgan, Indiana.

Daughter: 02 Nov 1836 SARAH WADKINS WARTHEN (544) (b. 1836, ); Morgan, Indiana.

Son: cir __ ___ 1838 ISAIAH BEDFORD WARTHEN (545) (b. 1838, ); Morgan, Indiana.

Daughter: cir __ ___ 1839 MELINDA WARTHEN (1794) (b. 1839, ); Tennessee;
have no explanation for the birthplace of Tennessee since all other
children were born in Indiana.

Marriage* 21 Oct 1858 MARY ANN COOK (1774); Morgan, Indiana.
Occupation* cir __ ___ 1860 Ray Twp.,, Morgan, Indiana; listed as a farmer.
Note* cir __ ___ 1860 Ray Twp.,, Morgan, Indiana; Malinda J. Secrest,
daughter of William Secrest I and Franky Warthen, is shown as living in the William Warthen home.
She is 6 years old. Ref.: 1860 Census.
Census* __ ___ 1860 Ray Twp.,, Morgan, Indiana; SARAH WADKINS WARTHEN NOT LISTED in 1860 census.
Marriage* 01 May 1862 RHODA MCCORMICK GORDON (1775); Morgan, Indiana.
Death* 01 Nov 1875 Ray Twp.,, Morgan, Indiana.
Burial* 03 Nov 1875 Warthen Cemetery,, Morgan, Indiana;
located in Ray Twp. about 3 mile north of Paragon, northeast of the junction of Olive Church
and Warthen Roads. This is a very small cemetery and was surrounded by an iron fence.
It is located east of my aunt Mildred Ross' cabin, about 500 yards.

Note: 23 Oct 2001 Warthen Cemetery, Warthen and Olive Church

Roads, Ray Twp., Paragon, Morgan, Indiana; From Cindy Elliott, only two grave
markers are readable in the old Warthen Cemetery: "Oliver" and "Infant" Warthen.


Directions: Warthen Cemetery

Is located in Section 31, Ray Township, Morgan County, north of Paragon, Indiana.

Revolutionary War Veteran William Warthen is buried here. Take Old Hwy 67 or W Vickrey Road west of Paragon for about 6/10 mile then turn right or north on County Road 800W (Strawberry Lane) and go for about 1 6/10 miles then turn right or NE on Oliver Church Road and go for about two miles, then turn right or east on Warthen Road/Gray Road and go about 1/10 mile, turn left or north on the first lane to a house and cemetery is in high weeds on the right along the lane to the house. There is approximately ten graves in this cemetery. No Identifiable stone or marker could be found.

Mr Mark Carnes owns and lives on the property asfter passing the cemetery.
,br> Pictures take by Edward Hitchcock of the Daniel Guthrie Chapter SAR, Indiana in Bedford and by Blaine Deckard.

The top picture was made better through an adobe program so may be readible on the net.

I was asked how to get there from I-70/I-74 from Indianapolis, Indiana. From the map it appears from Downtown Indianapolis take I-70 to the Belt _465 south or east. At that point you can either take I-70 on Westbound to State Hwy 39, that runs it St Hwy 67, but the better road on the map would be to stay on I-465 to St Hwy 67 all the way through Paragon and follow the directions for the Old Hwy 67 from that point.

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