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Born: March 17, 1768 Maryland and of German descent

Died: July 22, 1852

His father was also George Michael Sipes, Born 1732 and his mother was Eve Elizabeth ___________. George Michael Sipes (the father of the patriot) traveled from Germany to Philadelphia with his father (Johann Carl Seip), his mother (Anna Katherinea Ritter), his sisters Maria Barbara and Maria Anna, and his step-sister Christina Margaretha Bellar, on the ship Samuel in 1732.

Information on his parents and travel to America are courtesy of Shiloh Sipe, Feb 9th, 2005.

Burial: Hillside of Henderson Creek in the woods.

Service: Pensylvania Militia, 1st Regiment and enetered the service in July or August 1777. Charles Sipes stated this date may be wrong for his father did serve in an earlier battle. Sipes served as a private and a drummer in the above regiment.

Sipes fought at the battle of Brandywine Creek and was at the encounter at White Horse. He was in several other engagements. He was kept one extra month after the expiration of his term of service unitl a new recruit arrived for their tour of service. Sipes had entered the army as a private and aas a substitute for his father, also named George Sipes.

A few years before his death, July 22, 1852, Sipes made an application for a soldier's pension. He never knew whether or not his application was received, processed or approved. He applied late in life, for a pension because of his lack of knowledge of the pension laws and because he was a substitue. At a time unknown, Sipes widow Rachel, whom he had married in Westmoreland County, Penn April 15, 1790, made an application for a pension. At the time she was 88 years of age. George and Rachel Sipes are buried in an almost forgotten grave on a wooded hillside overlooking Henderson Creek north of Heltonville. The grave is marked by a single stone for both.

Proof: Pension application filed by widow.

Married: Rachel Mellinger

Information on George Sipes was taken from Rachel Sipes assocication for a widows pension and from a declaration of Charles Sipes, his son.

At the time of the revolution his name was most likely spelled with an "S" left off (SIPE). Children:



Directions: For sake of this page I'll refer to this as the Sipes Cemetery, since we really don't have a name for it.

It is located on farm now owned by James Clampitt northeast of Heltonville, Indiana in Pleasant Run Township, Lawrence County, Indiana. The farm is located at 2750 Henderson Creek Road across the road from teh Henderson Creek Church. The burial site is located approximately 3/4 of a mile from the roadway, near the back of a house across the creek.

From the Public Square in Bedford, Take U.S Hwy 50 east for about 8 miles to St Hwy 446 intersection, turn North (or Left) onto Hwy 446 cross State Hwy 58 at Heltonville until you come to Henderson Creek Road (County Road) for a total of 6.8 miles from U. S Hwy 50, turn righ or East on Henderson Creek Road go for about 2.7 miles until you come to 2750 Henderson Creek Road which is on the right side of the county road across from the church. The gravesites are located about 3/4 mile back of the farmhouse across the creek on a wooded hillside overlooking the creek.

Andy Clampitt, grandson of the owner James Clampitt, lives in the farmhouse. His address is 2750 Henderson Creek Road, Norman, IN 47264.

Contact James Clampitt, owner of the farm, (812) 849-4950 for permission to get access to the gravesite. ( He lives on Route 15, Bedford, Indiana 47421 ).

We want to thank Andy Clampitt for taking us to find the gravesites and want to tahnk Casey Todd for taking us across the creek on his tractor to get there.

Photos and directions were provided by Edward Hitchcock and Larry Hammersley of the Daniel Guthrie SAR Chapter Bedford, Indiana.

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