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Born: Feb 29, 1754 in Ireland

Died:May 20, 1830

Burial: NOBBE Farms Cemetery, Decatur County, Indiana

Service: Virginia Regiment

Proof: Pension Affiavit in Decatur County Circuit Court, pp 2, 3 April term 1832.

Married: Eva HARTMAN


Mary: Born 1785 - married Alexander GRANT

Elizabeth: Born 1787 married ______Thompson

Thomas: Born 1788 married Elizabeth BINGHAM

Henry: Born 1790 married Polly HOWARD

Margaret: Born 1792

William: Born 1793 married Ann DAVINE

Sally: Born 1795 married _______ MARTIN

Hugh: Born 1797 married Elizabeth MONTGOMERY

Nancy: Born 1799 married ____ HINDMAN

George: Born 1801 married Elizabeth JACKSON

Peggy: Born 1803 Married _____________KERCHEVAL

Michael: Born 1806 married Ann F ROBISON

Robert: Born 1807 married Louisa ROBISON

Children & marriages was coutesy of Mrs H S McKEE of Greensburg, Indiana

Information courtesy of John and Marty Green of Indiana.
This information came from "Revolutionary War Veterans buried in Decatur County".

The Decatur Bicentennial Committee takes great pride in helping with the piblishing of this pertinent series of articles. The committe feels these fatcs concerning Decatur County's Revolutionary War Soldiers are a very important part our our county's history. Every effort should be made to preserve our heritage, and this record will certainly be of great help.

Signed by Mr and Mrs Van P. Patterson,
co-chairmen, Decatur County
Bicentennial Committe.

This series of headstones and records of the Revolutionary War Veterans buried in Decatur County was started in July 1975, by Smith Monument Works as their project for the bicentennial.

The series would have been impossible wwithout the records kept by the Lone Tree Chapter, D.A.R.

We at Smith Mounment Works would like, once again, to express appreciation to the Lone Tree Chapter D.A.R. for their dedication to the presevation of the history of Decatur County.

We would also like to thank the Bicentennial Commission for preserving this series in booklet form.

Patricia Smith, James F Smith

After the sketch was drawn and the history printed, Tim Nobbe informed us that the gravesite was located on the Nobbe Farms and Mrs Elmer Nobbe accompanied us to the section of their farm where the veteran is buried. There we found the headstones of Hugh Montgomery, his son who was a vetran of the War of 1812 and a grandson a veteranof teh Civil War. Mr Montgomery's wife andmembers of the Robinson family also are buried there.

We are hoping that other residents of the county can help us locate other graves and headstones of Revolutionary War Veteransburied in Decatur County.

Printed below are the names of some who we know either died in Decatur County or drew their last pension claims in the coutny. They are probably buried in small family cemeteries. If anyone thinks hthat he/she may know a location would you please call 663-2478 (or now you can contact Stephen D. Franklin of the Sons of the American Revolution, Indiana Society. Any information will be helpful.

John Yarbaugh (Yarbrough) moved to Decatur Co in 1826

John DeMoss - buried on Milton Byer's Farm, Clay Township (has a bronze marker)

Jacob Falconbury - died Nov 2, 1834

Spencer Menefee - lastpensionpayment made April 1834

William Snelling - willprobated Aug 22, 1837

JohnBoyer - Died Oct 14, 1836

Elizah Barnes - Died Aug 13, 1840

John Bridges - Civil Order Book, Sept 28, 1829

Absalom Burton - Moved to Decatur Co in 1835 - died Oct 6, 1836

Benjamin Gosnell - Died Aug 28, 1846

Edward Dunkan - last payment made Aug 5, 1836

Elijah Piles -

Harraway Owen (Owens) Died Aug 15, 1834, had a headstone



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