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Born: April 22, 1762, Hunterton Co., New Jersey


Burial: Shiloh Cemetery, Decatur County, Indiana
The memorial marking his palce of burial is unusual, in that it is a double. At that time, it was most usual to have a single stone marking each grave. This in fact, the only memorial of the Revolutionary Soldiers we have found,so far, that is a double. It has a verse at the bottom but otherwise, except for the names and dates of his wife and himself, it is perfectly plain.

Note: This still remains true as rare indeed for a stone marking a grave, a Rev Soldier NORTH in Ohio or Switzerland County, Indianais theonly other one I've seen while workingon these webpages that I recall. StephenD Franklin.
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Information courtesy of John and Marty Green of Indiana.
This information came from "Revolutionary War Veterans buried in Decatur County".

The Decatur Bicentennial Committee takes great pride in helping with the piblishing of this pertinent series of articles. The committe feels these fatcs concerning Decatur County's Revolutionary War Soldiers are a very important part our our county's history. Every effort should be made to preserve our heritage, and this record will certainly be of great help.

Signed by Mr and Mrs Van P. Patterson,
co-chairmen, Decatur County
Bicentennial Committe.

This series of headstones and records of the Revolutionary War Veterans buried in Decatur County was started in July 1975, by Smith Monument Works as their project for the bicentennial.

The series would have been impossible wwithout the records kept by the Lone Tree Chapter, D.A.R.

We at Smith Mounment Works would like, once again, to express appreciation to the Lone Tree Chapter D.A.R. for their dedication to the presevation of the history of Decatur County.

We would also like to thank the Bicentennial Commission for preserving this series in booklet form.

Patricia Smith, James F Smith

Joseph Lee was born in Hunterton County, New Jersey.

He was age 14 when the war began and entered the service from New Jersey when he was 16 years of age. He erved as a private in the company commanded by Capt CONOVER of the regiment under Col CHAMBERS in the New Jersey Line for 14 months.

He and his wife Eleanor, had 12 children.



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