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Born: 1752, in Virginia

Died: July 24, 1841, at age 89

Burial: Sandcreek Cemetery, Decatur County, Indiana
buried close by the graves of five other patriots

Service: He enlisted less than a month before the Declaration of Independence was signed and first served as a private in Col Charles COTEWORTH'S, PINCKNEY's 1st Cont Regt., South Carolina. In March 1777, he was appointed Corporal, two months later a sergeant and in June 1778 Sergeant Major. He was discharged on August 4, 1778 at Charleston aand his discharge was signed by Col Charles C PINCKNEY.

PINCKNEY was an American Statesman and soldier from South Carolina. During the war, he was for a time, aide-de-camp to Genral George Washington and rose to the rank of Brigader General. After the war he served as United States Minister to France and negoitaed with the famous French Statesman TALLEYRAND. He ran for president in 1804 and 1808.

Thomas Hootan came to Decatur County after the war and settled in the Sandcreek Township area.




Information courtesy of John and Marty Green of Indiana.
This information came from "Revolutionary War Veterans buried in Decatur County".

The Decatur Bicentennial Committee takes great pride in helping with the piblishing of this pertinent series of articles. The committe feels these fatcs concerning Decatur County's Revolutionary War Soldiers are a very important part our our county's history. Every effort should be made to preserve our heritage, and this record will certainly be of great help.

Signed by Mr and Mrs Van P. Patterson,
co-chairmen, Decatur County
Bicentennial Committe.

This series of headstones and records of the Revolutionary War Veterans buried in Decatur County was started in July 1975, by Smith Monument Works as their project for the bicentennial.

The series would have been impossible wwithout the records kept by the Lone Tree Chapter, D.A.R.

We at Smith Mounment Works would like, once again, to express appreciation to the Lone Tree Chapter D.A.R. for their dedication to the presevation of the history of Decatur County.

We would also like to thank the Bicentennial Commission for preserving this series in booklet form.

Patricia Smith, James F Smith



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