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The Memorial marking his place of burial in Kingston Cemetery reads:

Born: Worcester Co., MD 19 Apr 1757

Died Jan 4, 1841

Burial: Kingston Cemetery, Decatur County, Indiana



1777 Volunteered as private under Captain Ratliff to guard a magazine at Salisbury, MD 15 days.

1778 At Worcester Co., MD volunteered under Ratliff 5-6 days to defend an Annapolis neighborhood.

1779 Removed to Washington Co., PA.

1781 Guarded people at Turner’s Fort while they harvested their crops. 3 Days pursued Indians which murdered a family in his neighborhood. Killed 3 Indians.

Mid May 1782 volunteered to expel Myandote (?) Indians on Sandusky from the frontier plains of OH. Engaged in battled with Indians. Whites defeated. The leader of the pack of Indians was a white man. Josiah taken prisoner by 4 Indians of a pack of 8. 3 days later he was turned over to English traders and rangers at Lower Sandusky. They took him as a prisoner through Canada to NY until December of the same year. Discharged at Dobb’s Ferry. Immediately returned home to Washington Co., PA after an absence of 8 months.

Spring 1782 served as sargeant in the militia 8 months during which he was a prisoner from December.

January 1783 returned home.

1796 Removed to Bourbon Co., KY.

1822 Removed to Decatur Co., IN.

1832 Granted pension at which time he resided in Decatur Co., IN.

Married: His wife may have been Eleanor Hopkins. He is buried next to a wife named Eleanor.


His wife may have been Eleanor Hopkins. He is buried next to a wife named Eleanor. I have photos of both headstones. When I can find them, I'll send you the transcriptions.

Information courtesy of John and Marty Green of Indiana.
This information came from "Revolutionary War Veterans buried in Decatur County".

The Decatur Bicentennial Committee takes great pride in helping with the piblishing of this pertinent series of articles. The committe feels these fatcs concerning Decatur County's Revolutionary War Soldiers are a very important part our our county's history. Every effort should be made to preserve our heritage, and this record will certainly be of great help.

Signed by Mr and Mrs Van P. Patterson,
co-chairmen, Decatur County
Bicentennial Committe.

This series of headstones and records of the Revolutionary War Veterans buried in Decatur County was started in July 1975, by Smith Monument Works as their project for the bicentennial.

The series would have been impossible wwithout the records kept by the Lone Tree Chapter, D.A.R.

We at Smith Mounment Works would like, once again, to express appreciation to the Lone Tree Chapter D.A.R. for their dedication to the presevation of the history of Decatur County.

We would also like to thank the Bicentennial Commission for preserving this series in booklet form.

Patricia Smith, James F Smith

Josiah Collins was a youngman of 20 when he volunteered to fight for Independence in the fall of 1777. He served under CApt John RATLIFF, guarding a magazine at Saliburg and served in the same compnay as a private near Annapolis in 1778. Ayear later he moved to Maryland, where he had been born, to Pennsylvania. Enlisting from there in 1781, he served in Capt Joshua RIGHT'S Co., and under Capt John WALL'S Co., against the Indians. He was a sergeant in Capt James MUNN'S Co., in an expedition against the indians. He fought in the battle of Sandusky and was taken prisoner the day after the battle. Delivered to the English traders in the area be when then taken to Canada. and from there to New York. He was discharged Dec 8, 1782 at Dobb's Ferry.

Josial Collin's was born in 1757 during the French and Indiana War. When he died in 1841, nine men had beenelected President of the Country. America had been involved in the Revolution, Warof 1812, Indian Wars in parts of the country, the Mexican War would begin in another five years and issues of slavery and state rights were already growing into war like dimensions.



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