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Born: June 25, 1761, in Henrico County, Virginia

Died: Aug 12, 1847, Milford, Decatur Co, IN (was 86 years old)

Burial: Alley Cemetery, 3 miles west of Milford, Decatur County, Indiana

Service: Virginia Troops

Proof: Pension W 9694

Married: Mary OSBORNE (OSBURN) - Jan 4, 1786, Abingdon, Washington Co, VA
Born: Jan 4, 1786
Died: Oct 18, 1856
Burial: Alley Cemetery, near Milford, Decatur County, Indiana


Born: Apr 17, 1787
Died: 1854
1) Catherine Harvey

2) Emily Meek Monehan

Born: Nov 1, 1788
Died: Dec 31, 1868
Burial: Doddridge Alley Farm, Milford, Decatur Co, IN
married Jane Phillips

Born: Apr 17 1791
Died: March 19,1861
married Margaret Charity Nelson

Born:Mar 17, 1793
married William McCarty

Born: May 2, 1795
Died: 1866
1) Allen Ramsey
2) James C. GANT

Born Aug 20,1797
Died: Mar 7, 1874
1) Lucretia Hobbs
2) Susannah Hillman

Comfort Lanzel:
Born July 26, 1800
1) William FOWLER
2) Perry Bennett

Born: Feb 28, 1803
Died: Feb 18, 1871 Red Rock, Marion Co, IA
Married Catherine Carr

Asby (Azby) Christian:
Born Feb 20, 1806
Died: 1833
Married Noah Hobbs

Born: May 1, 1808
Died: Nov 12, 1875
Married Nancy Lum Bunyard

Born: Oct 25, 1810
Died: aft 1854
Married Catherine Gant

Family information courtesy of Mrs H S McKEE Greensburg, Indiana

This updated information July 2003 Submitted by:

Larry G. & Shirley [Alley] Henschen
3623 W. Del Rio St
Chandler, AZ 85226-2228
Phone: 480 917-9173

Photo July 2003 courtesy of Larry and Shirley Henschen.

Information courtesy of John and Marty Green of Indiana.
This information came from "Revolutionary War Veterans buried in Decatur County".

The Decatur Bicentennial Committee takes great pride in helping with the piblishing of this pertinent series of articles. The committe feels these fatcs concerning Decatur County's Revolutionary War Soldiers are a very important part our our county's history. Every effort should be made to preserve our heritage, and this record will certainly be of great help.

Signed by Mr and Mrs Van P. Patterson,
co-chairmen, Decatur County
Bicentennial Committe.

This series of headstones and records of the Revolutionary War Veterans buried in Decatur County was started in July 1975, by Smith Monument Works as their project for the bicentennial.

The series would have been impossible without the records kept by the Lone Tree Chapter, D.A.R.

We at Smith Mounment Works would like, once again, to express appreciation to the Lone Tree Chapter D.A.R. for their dedication to the presevation of the history of Decatur County.

We would also like to thank the Bicentennial Commission for preserving this series in booklet form.

Patricia Smith, James F Smith

Samuel Alley was born in 1761, the year the merchants of Boston finally rebelled against the search and seizure by the British Customs Officers. Any shop, store or home could be enterd and the merchant's property be seized at will. James Otis represented the merchants in court. Arguing against the constitutionality of general search warrants known as writs of assistance, he defended the principal that "a man's home is his castle". The Crown won but John Adams heard Otis's powerful defense and said, "Then and there the child's Independence was born".

Samuel Alley was 15 when the Declaration of Independence was signed and 16 when he enlisted for the first time (May 1777). A month later in June 1777, the Second Continental Congress, having decided the Country needed a flag, adopted the following act:

Resolved that the Flag of the United States be thirteen stripes alternate red and white, that the union be thirteen stars white in a blue field representing a new constellation">.

This was the first official mention of the "United States" as a name for the colonial union.

The young patriot enlisted three times in all, serving first at Fort Moore, enlisting again in 1779 he served at Powell's Valley. The third time was in 1782 and he served this time in Col Benj. LOGAN'S Virginia Regt.



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