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PETER GRINER (1742-1841)

He served in the military from Cumberland County, New Jersey. The following

is from his pension application papers (S16937)

He was drafted in 1776 as a Private in the Cumberland County militia.

He was drafted for a month at a time and he served a total of about eight

months in the war, usually serving as a guard. At one time in 1776, he was

drafted but he could not leave home and march out with his unit because his

wife was sick. For this he was fined three pounds which he paid to Capt.

James Ewing. The receipt for the payment of the fine, dated Sept. 2, 1776,

is included in his military records; in fact, it was the only proof he had of

having served in the militia when he later applied for a government pension.

Peter GRINER moved to Whitewater Twp., Franklin County, Indiana about


The Twin Forks Chapter, Franklin County, of the Indiana D.A. R. have never

been able to locate the grave of Peter Griner. On a bronze placque on one

entrance to the County Courthouse at Brookville, Indiana, is the name of

Peter Griner with the names of others from the county who served in the


Do you need any more information? I am researching all the descendants of

Peter GRINER. I would love to know his burial place if you have any

additional information on this.

Beverly Griner McNally

Pennington, NJ